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Monday, February 21, 2011

bowling Part !

last saturday we played bowling at One Utama (u-bowl). It was actually a firm's activity which would be the first and the last event that I would join.*sedeh!* Everyone made it but only a few couldnt make it due to some unavoidable reasons. Well, who wouldn't want to join kan?hehe..

it was fun and it made me feel so sad because I won't be here anymore to join any of their activities.but anyhow, it was super duper great!we had a great bond among each others,REALLY!

enjoy the pics!

abg man injured!bahu die jatuh!

kash started the game

the surpise gift from the partners written everyone's name

they won!yeabba!

my team won for the second place..bolehla..haha

minum2 dulu..BOS blanje!yeabba!

happy faces of us!

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