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Monday, February 28, 2011

Nathalie's treat!

well well well..
seems like someone got her big fish here!weeeeee!!!!
sometimes a last minute thing DO happen as the BEST THING in our lives, rite?
and this is my very last minute thing which i CRAVED for for like a few months..hehehe..

these are the line up of the flavors! *berpinar2 mata i!*

to name a few, the flavors are LIME, CAFE, PRALINE,


this is the lovely packaging!*walla!*

p/s: actually kan i ordered 4 flavors but masa nk tgk die pack tu,

dia kuarkan normal plastic. then i cakap i nk tmbah lagi 1 flavor pastu baru

nmpak dia kuarkan box tu!hahaha..

ini adalah the box together with the resit!nmpak tak harga tu?haha

its for RM 4.40 each
5 pcs = RM 22

his is PRALINE flavor!my fav!
teksture nyer lembuuuuuuuuuuuuuuttt sgt!

ini flavors that i bought. see the praline one???? =D

so, ini adalah MACARONS from NATHALIE'S GOURMET STUDIO at SOLARIS DUTAMAS. They provides variety of MACARONS flavors and this is the place where the flavors are sooooooooo banyak!and you are helpless to choose,man!haha,,

ok,here is my tips untuk jadikan macarons tu lebih enak di makan. This is what i do la yea..if you guys tak suke, takpe. But share with me your style ok? =D
ok,what i normally do is that..i tak masukkan macarons tu dlm fridge and i letak dia kat normal pressure of air. Ataupun, this is the thing yang i tak try lagi but I did somehow the same method as putting it into the microwave. If you buat camni, the teksture of the macarons will become softer and the filling will be melting which will be great to put it into your mouth! *seriously!*

So that's it!
enjoy your melting macarons!


Aizuddin said...

act...aper benda sebenarnyer ni... biskut ker..? sedap cik kak benda alah ni....

izyan al-za'im said...

dida, i've few times lalu dpn kedai ni. but x penah lak try nak masuk tgk die jual ape. haha. now i noe :)