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Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Harrods' KLCC macarons!

aaa!!! saya sangat addicted ngn macarons now!
sebab color2 nye sgt2 rainbow and sgt2 mengujakan lah!*wowie!!*
first2 dlu try kt Whisk, Empire Subang.*i've deleted la pulak the pics* The price is RM2/each. But it's quite small compared dengan Harrods punye..
like Harrods, it costs you RM15 for 6 pieces. Well, some might say it is expensive *ya,it is though*, but I'd say its worth it!

Let me tell you this,ok.
Place : Harrods, KLCC *somemore* isn't it gives you any idea about the price?
There were 4 flavors masa I beli. They were CHOC *SUPER best!*, Strawberry *masam-masam manis*, Blueberry and Orange.
My favourite is of coz gonna be Chocolate!*voila!*
Ya Allah..rasanya teramat feeling bila makan. You can feel the can feel the luxury taste of the chocolate..and it's not like a's a melting chocolate!SGT sedap!makan time hujan pulak tu!dalam kereta!*auwwww*

And to compare with the Whisk macarons, they were tooooooo achingly sweet!*seriously!*
That's why, when you rasa the Harrods one, you can taste the difference..

There are actually many places selling these cute macarons. Just google it and voila!*big grin =D*
Well,my next target is to rush to the Nathalie's Gourmet Studio at Solaris Dutamas.
Hopefully the pictures below will excite you to go there too! *love*
*why must we have this kind of thing in this world??aiyoyoyo*

they have dozens of flavors man!

and a waaaayy toooo impossible target is to reach Harrods LONDON to grab some LADUREE macarons!OMG!!!!*please please please...akan masukkan doa ni setiap kali dalam sujud terakhir ku setiap kali lepas sembahyang*

these are LADUREE's!!

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