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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

churp churp!!

ha!here's a good thing that i wanna share!!
have u guys ever heard of CHURPCHURP? sounds cute is it not?heheh..
well,this is not a lollipop like CHUPA CHUPS ok!

ok,sebenarnya tadi google saje2 kat nuffnang then macam berkenan lak ngn this cute birdy. so i pun click la..then baca punya baca punya baca..i found it somehow like nuffnang where you can earn money by promoting whatever events they have on the webs. Though mcm senang but i guess utk blog haku yg belom tentu org tengok ni,agak susah la kot nak survive.huhu..however! when there is a will, there are ways kan?*sambil merangka strategies!*

ok,here's how..
u guys can just have a click on this link..#CHURPCHURP.*that's the first step*
then, u guys baca baca lah pasal churp2 tu surely u korang akan interested sebab there will be having a lot of events coming and u guys can let other's know about those upcoming events by pasting the link to your FB, TWIT, or your blog. Or, you can simply copy and paste the link anywhere you like.ok?
*methodnya adalah copy and paste!ingat tu yea..*

next, bila u all semua dah sign up for churpchurp, you can personalize your text that you want to paste senang kan?this is actually a bonus to those who have the talent to attract people through their writing!*dida, belaja lagi!seduce!*

erm...what else can i say about this..well, after all you have to do your own research and homework..ok?i'm gonna write more when i have more tips ok! =D

good luck!
dida D #churpchurp

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