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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

counting days..

assalamualaikum and good morning everyone! =D

well today is 22 Feb 2011 and therefore I will only have another 3 days to stay here at this firm. Ini kerana lepas ni saya akan berpindah ke Firm baru..i mean another place to continue my chambering.

I have been officially serving my chambering at this firm for 2 months and 1 month for attachment. I am supposed to do chambering for 9 months consecutively at this firm but yet I've decided that I need a new place. why? i have my own reasons. please dont ask coz only those with the answers will know.

well,hopefully the new firm will give me more exposure. It's not about the money that I am concern about *though ade jugak reason tu* but I think I would need a place which I can learn a lot. I am not saying this firm does not gimme any exposure at all, but yes, I need a brand new place to start all over again.

Many people would think that changing master during your chambering period would be complicated. But, after all the research and been asked around, I think I have no problem to do so. The important thing that you need to do is to make sure your master at your first place is willing and have SIGNED Form 8. Failure to do this is fatal!*literally*

Fatal in the sense that you might face difficulty towards the end of your chambering period and in fact the master can actually OBJECT your call during your long-call.*bear that in mind*
Or else, in the event your master refuse to sign, just start your chambering all over again and refile your petition. EASIER!BUT!waste of time..unless, you really didnt learn anything.

erm...ape lagi eh..
oh ya!my advice to juniors who will be doing your chambering soon.
first and most importantly - DONT RUSH!!!
like seriously,give yourself sometime to go and have yourself be interviewed as much firms as you could. Open yourself to any firms, dont be too choosy or being racist. Big firms, small firms- no big deal!you might think that big firms would expose you a lot whereas small firms donts-it depends. Believe me!

second of all, determine what is your area of interest. Again, becareful because you might think you like company - corporate but in reality, you are actually dont. If you love to deal with court matters or contentious matters, go to LITIGATION. Conveyancing is common. 90% of malaysian would have that practice area.

and thirdly, MISC- meaning, ALLOWANCE,parking,tol,cafe or food and stuff.CHECK everything. I know nothing is free nowadays. But consider those things.

till then,bye!


nur said...

nice blog..well i've experience changing master..easy but messy..u can do it..cume u have to be careful with small n tiny details..if salah nanti, macam2 kne buat..n kne rush here there n everywhere..huhu..good luck!

Dida.D said...

thanx dear for the advice! =D